Basement Wall Support

Using Helical Anchor Support Systems and The Reinforcer® Carbon Fiber System

Helical anchors are commonly used in the repair of both retaining walls and basement walls, transferring tension loads from the existing foundation to a soil suitable for the load.

Ram Jack can also stabilize basement walls using The Reinforcer®, a 4-inch wide carbon fiber plate with structural epoxy. When the Reinforcer® is applied to foundations, it counteracts further outside pressure on the wall, taking the tension force or tensile load that the concrete or mortar joint cannot.



Helical anchors are much safer than the traditional trenching method that other companies employ and won’t disturb the soil around your house during installation, so there is no damage to your yard and no messy soil cleanup. Our helical anchors are cost-effective and can be installed quickly within one or two days, allowing us to complete your job faster and minimize any inconvenience.


Our installation process is minimally invasive and does not damage your yard. By monitoring hydraulic pressures, the helical anchors are load tested as they are installed. The capacity of each pile is accurately measured using installation torque and can be installed under most weather conditions. The field work for a typical house can be done in one or two days. The total project is typically completed in one or two weeks.

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